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July 30 (sat.) 12:00-17:40 (JST) / July 31 (sun.) 12:00-18:50 (JST) / August 27 (sat.) 12:00-17:40 (JST) / August 28 (sun.) 12:00-18:50 (JST)
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Schools with the "Perks" icon offer special benefits to those who attend their live session.

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Why study in Japan?

A safe & secure living environment

Living in Japan offers peace of mind because of its low crime rate, reliable infrastructure, and solid health insurance system.

High-quality education at a better price

Japan offers world-class education but tuitions tend to be lower compared to other countries like the U.S. or U.K.

Career opportunities

Every year, Japanese companies hire more non-Japanese graduates who studied in Japan.
One benefit of studying in Japan is the relative ease of starting a career in Japan.

FAQ & Inquiries

How do I find the right school for me?
You can use the search function under "Browse & Search Participating Institutions." Select your desired field of study or program to narrow down your search results. We also recommend attending "Overview of studying in Japan" seminars run by JASSO staff members, where they talk about how to find the right school.
Can I join a Zoom live session after it has started?
You can join or leave any Zoom live session up until the end of the session. Please check the "Live Sessions Schedule" in advance to find a session you would like to attend.
Do I need special software or a camera to join a live session?
Live sessions are held via Zoom. If using a smartphone, you will need to download the Zoom app. A webcam is convenient for individual consultations, but not mandatory.
Can I watch videos of live sessions after the fair is over?
Live session videos will be uploaded to the JASSO YouTube channel. The videos will first be available only to registrants, and we recommend registering for this reason. Some parts will not be uploaded due to limitations of Zoom recordings, such as videos of breakout rooms. Moreover, some schools may not make recordings of their live sessions available, so it is best to attend in person the live sessions of schools you are interested in.
What is the difference between live sessions and seminars?
Live sessions are hosted by participating schools. This is where you can learn about matters specific to each school, such as its entrance exam or departments and faculties. You can ask the school's staff your questions directly using the Zoom Q&A function, and some schools even offer individual consultations. Live sessions are great for those who want to hear directly from a school or ask specific questions about studying at the school.
Seminars are hosted by JASSO staff members and offer general information about studying in Japan, such as how to find the right school, living in Japan and scholarships. This information is useful to obtain before attending live sessions. Please note that registration is required to attend seminars.

For all other inquiries, please use the below form.




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