About Scholarship

I need information on scholarship.
You can find the information about scholarship on Study in Japan website. Please check the website below.
I need information on MEXT scholarship.
We have uploaded the video which explains MEXT Scholarship on our YouTube Channel. Please visit JASSO YouTube Channel and check it out first. For further details, you are advised to contact the Japanese embassy in your country or the school in Japan you are applying for.

About Study in Japan in General

I want to study in Japan, how do I get started? What procedures do I need to take before coming to study in Japan?
We have uploaded the video of Study in Japan Basic Information. Please visit JASSO YouTube Channel and check it out first. You can also find interview videos of senior international students there. These videos will be helpful for your school searching.
What is the cost of living in Japan?
According to JASSO’s Lifestyle Survey of Privately Financed International Students 2019, the average monthly expenses (excluding academic fees) of international students are approximately JPY 93,000. For further details, you are advised to watch the video of Study in Japan Basic Information on JASSO YouTube Channel.
I am taking a correspondence course of university in my home country. Am I eligible to apply for a graduate school in Japan?
Regarding the general requirements for admission to a graduate school in Japan, please refer to the information on following site.
Each school has its own admission policy; therefore you are advised to join the live sessions on Study in Japan Virtual Fair and directly ask questions to each school’s staff.
Is there any university ranking in Japan?
Various organizations make such rankings based on their own viewpoints or criteria; however, Japanese government does not officially make those type of rankings.

About Study in Japan Virtual Fair and Live Sessions

What time does each school’s live session start?
Virtual Fairs are held on August 21, 29, and September 4. The first half starts at 12:00 (JST) and the second half starts at 15:00 (JST) respectively. Please visit “List of participating institutions and live session schedule” page on our website to check each school’s schedule. https://jassofair.studyinjapan.go.jp/en/list/
How can I join the live sessions?
On each scheduled date, a school list and a [Join the live session]button will appear on the top page. Please click the button to join each school’s live session. The live session will be held on Zoom, so be sure to download Zoom app in advance.
Can I join live sessions without signing up in advance?
Yes, you can. However, signing up is recommended, as you can get additional information on Study in Japan, and schedule of upcoming seminars.
Where can I check out live sessions schedule?
Please visit our “List of participating institutions and live session schedule” page You can check out the list and schedule.
I cannot join the live session by clicking the [Join the live session]button as instructed.
To join the live session with a smartphone, you need to download Zoom app in advance. Please check if you have downloaded it and if there is any problem with your internet connection too. In addition, you might not be able to enter the Zoom due to a full occupancy. Please try again by clicking the button after a while. If it still does not work, there might be something wrong with the website, so please let us know by e-mail to infoja@jasso.go.jp
How can I download Zoom app?
Please visit Zoom’s website to check it. The app can be downloaded for free, however, download method might be different depending on your device or country. If you need further assistance, please directly contact Zoom to inquire.
I joined the live session but I could not hear any voice or sound.
Please tell school staff that you cannot hear them over the chat. If you still have the same problem, please let us know by e-mail to infoja@jasso.go.jp.
How can I join the live sessions of the universities offering degree programs in English?
Please visit “Search School” page and search by putting a check mark to Degree Courses Offered in English. By clicking Search button, search results will be displayed. Please check each school’s live session schedule and visit the top page of the website on the day of virtual fair.
Are the participating schools same on both, English Fair and Japanese Fair?
No, the participating schools are different depending on the fair you attend. If you understand both English and Japanese, we recommend you to attend both fair in English and Japnaese. You will have a valuable opportunity to get in touch with approx. 200 schools in total.

About the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)

What is the EJU?
The EJU is an examination to determine if students possess the Japanese language skills and basic academic abilities necessary to study at Japanese universities and other higher educational institutions. Majority of Japanese universities (almost all national universities) require you to submit EJU results as a part of the application. For more information about the EJU, please refer to the video of Study in Japan Basic Information Seminar uploaded on JASSO YouTube Channel and other EJU related information available on JASSO’s website.
JASSO YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38cAH-UZz4dwCcgqFmzuog
About EJU and inquiry:https://www.jasso.go.jp/en/ryugaku/eju/index.html
Will the EJU in November 2021 be held? Do you have any plan to hold additional exams to make up for the cancellation in some places due to COVID-19 outbreak?
At the moment, the exam in Manila, the Philippines is cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak, but in other locations, the exam will be held as originally scheduled. In Japan, it will be held on November 14 (Sun). No additional exams are scheduled for the time being. Please visit following site to check the details of EJU.

About the Entrance Exam, Qualifications for Admission, Countermeasures against COVID-19

I need information on the countermeasures against COVIT-19.
I need information on the entrance exam and qualifications for admission.
Due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, each school is taking countermeasures such as introducing online lessons or changing test methods. For the details of admission such as test method, eligibility, requirements and lecture-style of each school, you are advised to join live sessions of the schools you are interested in and individually ask questions to each school’s staff. Those of you who understand Japanese other than English are also advised to join the virtual fair in Japanese held on September 12, 18, and 26.

If you still have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact JASSO!
However, please be noted that we are unable to answer your questions concerning individual details such as each school’s requirements or admission exam policy. If you have those questions, please get in touch with each school to directly inquire instead.

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